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The Tree of Knowledge


Many years ago in Rainworth there was an Elm tree in the centre of the village where people used to gather after work and at weekends to discuss village matters. This was known locally as the `Tree of Knowledge`.

Unfortunately the tree was cut down and removed over twenty years ago due to suspected Dutch Elm disease and being an obstruction to traffic getting a clear view of the road.


Despite the length of time that has elapsed the tree is still remembered and so the children attending Python Hill Playscheme created their representation of the tree in handmade ceramic tiles. These were then assembled in the tree shaped frame to show a pictorial map of Rainworth including locations from past times which no longer exist and from modern times.

The project to create the `Tree` was carried out during the sessions held in 1999 and the `Tree` is now on display in the entrance foyer of Python Hill Junior School.

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